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How can working parents provide academic support for their children

Having a full-time job can be quite demanding in itself. The struggle to keep up the good work every day and strike a work-life balance is exhausting. What if you have other important duties to attend to, along with long days spent at the workplace? Imagine yourself trudging your way back home after a weary workday, only to realise that your kids are waiting for you seeking help with their academic work. You might be looking forward to some rest, but you still have responsibilities to fulfil. It is said that a working parent always engages in more than one vocation – as a professional at the workplace, and as a mentor for their children at home. Would you, a working parent, rather stay out of your child’s academic pursuits entirely, or strive to sort out some way by which you can still help them while being engaged otherwise?

It is said that a working parent always engages in more than one vocation – as a professional at the workplace, and as a mentor for their children at home.

Working parents can indeed render academic assistance for their children even when restricted by their tight schedules, only if they decide to rephrase and finetune their understanding about the process of learning. Parental engagement is a significant part of the modern education system in many developed countries, though not much popular in ours. Different education systems in the West demand partial or complete involvement from parents, in the academic life of their children. Conferences involving parents, volunteering activities and study groups led by parents and field trips organised by parents are essential part of various curriculums. Our public education system diminishes parent engagement to annual parent-teacher meetings mostly, although there are some exceptions. Even if schools decide to demand parental engagement someday, working parents might not be able to comply to such needs. However, this does not imply that working parents cannot support their children at all. They can be tied up with workload, and still provide their best attention to their children while at workplace in many different ways. Finding the right personalised online tuition for the kids is just one among those.

Why should working parents engage with their children’s academic work?

It goes without saying that your child’s education is the most crucial part of your journey as a parent. The process of learning that they undergo in their initial years of growth decides who are what they are going to become in the future. Whether you are a working parent or not, being a part of their academic progress is essential to make sure they are on the right track. Studies state that students whose parents are actively engaged in their curriculum are more likely to secure higher grades, advance promptly in education, and nurture confidence and self-assurance throughout their life. However, it is evident that there are many barriers to this engagement, as we have already seen. Demanding work hours, extreme stress from workplace and many other social factors stand between you and your child in your collective journey to excellence. Whatever the hurdles might be, it is essential to tackle all of them and lead your children to their well-deserved future of triumph. We shall now examine some effective ways in which a working parent can support their children’s education without compromising their schedules.


Online tuitions cannot replace parental engagement, but is happens to be one of the most efficient ways in which a working parent can engage with their child’s education.

Find a good personalised online tuition as a learning alternative for your child

When you are occupied with work and realise you cannot sit with your child throughout the learning process, the next best option is to find a personalised online tuition that will help. It might be difficult for a working parent to stay connected with a teacher at their kid’s school, but an online tutor is always available remotely. Personalised online tuition turns out to be the most feasible learning alternative that you can find for your kid, and this ensures that the child receives accurate guidance and support in all junctures of their academic journey. Online tuitions cannot replace parental engagement, but is happens to be one of the most efficient ways in which a working parent can engage with their child’s education. Personalised online tuitions provide round the clock attention to your child, which makes it the best learning partner you can provide them. 

Understand your child’s learning pattern

When you are occupied with work and realise you cannot sit with your child throughout the learning process, the next best option is to find a personalised online tuition that will help. It might be difficult for a working parent to stay connected with a teacher at their kid’s school, but an online tutor is always available remotely. Personalised online tuition turns out to be the most feasible learning alternative that you can find for your kid, and this ensures that the child receives accurate guidance and support in all junctures of their academic journey. Online tuitions cannot replace parental engagement, but is happens to be one of the most efficient ways in which a working parent can engage with their child’s education. Personalised online tuitions provide round the clock attention to your child, which makes it the best learning partner you can provide them. 

Choose their classes, lessons and learning methods

Since parents are the ideal people to identify the strengths and flaws of their child, they can extend their support by getting involved in the process of choosing the right learning methods. When a personalised online tuition is scheduled for the child, the tutor, the subject and the topics can be chosen accordingly by the parent. Even if you are busy at work, it helps you to ensure a better engagement with the learning process of your child. You get to know and choose what they learn, from whom and how. Personalised online tuitions make it easy to design the learning method according to the student’s requirement. This is where a working parent can act as a pillar of support, and hold your child’s hand. They can decide how your child shall be tutored in an online tuition class. Being at work does not stop you from clicking a few buttons on a website online to give instructions to the tutor.

Build proper communication channels with the teachers

Educational experts have often opined that a developing partnership between parents and teachers can create wonders in the academic progress of a child. Good and prompt communication between parents and teachers will help both the parties to gain a better understanding of the child. However, in our schools this communication mostly takes the form of notes and memos send to home from school to get signed from the parents, and a quick visit to the school by the parent for a very brief PTA meeting. Teachers are burdened with the huge strength of the class, failing to give adept attention to each and every child. Parents, on the other hand, are mostly working and can find nearly no time for a visit to their child’s school. The parent-teacher partnership dies a painful death at the hands of such obstacles. Personalised online tuitions can be of good use here. The student enjoys their tutor’s undivided attention, and this helps to acquire a better perception of their learning skills. Parents can connect with the tutor anytime, anywhere, even while at work. Since the tutor is providing a personalised online tuition, their time is reserved for your child exclusively. You don’t need to rush to the school and wait for the teacher’s free time to discuss your child’s progress. Personalised online tuitions enable communication with the tutor on the go.

Classes can be scheduled for any convenient time, since the personalised online tuitions are flexible

Devise a learning routine for your child

Parents can always create a positive influence in their children by administering certain habits that can be followed at home. Working parents can support their child’s academic pursuits by providing them a better learning atmosphere and study plan. If you are a working parent who returns home every day tired from an exhausting work day, you can design a ‘family work time’ in a dedicated space for all the family member including children. Children can attend their personalised online tuitions at this time, while you browse through your work mails. Integrating this into your daily routine will ensure that children take their studies seriously, and they commit to it every day. Classes can be scheduled for any convenient time, since the personalised online tuitions are flexible. Lessons can be accessed anytime, anywhere as per convenience. Tutors are available according to the schedule suggested by you. If you want to reschedule a class for another convenient time, that can be done easily. Personalised online tuition is a convenient option for working parents in many ways.

Introduce your child to Tutormine – the best platform for personalised online tuitions

If you are a working parent and struggling to find the best learning partner for your child, Tutormine is what you need. Tutormine provides personalised online tuitions for all curriculums, all standards and all subjects. While you are busy at work, toiling hard to forge a better future for your kid, personalised online tuitions designed by Tutormine can cover all their academic needs. Tutors can be chosen from a rich panel of subject experts, and demo class facility can be utilised before the final decision. All classes are customised to fit to the requirements of the students, and hence can be scheduled anytime as per convenience. These personalised online tuitions can be accessed remotely from anywhere. Unexpected transfers and other emergencies will not pose hindrance to your child’s education anymore. Take their classroom along with you, wherever you go. 

You no longer have to be a superhero to balance your work life and your role as your kid’s educator. With personalised online tuitions that are accessible to anyone now, working parents can extend academic support to their children while at their office cubicles. Until all our schools get equipped adeptly to take learning to its next phase, personalised online tuitions will do the job. Leading platforms like Tutormine are committed to take education beyond all boundaries, and provide quality learning experience for all. Enrol your kid to Tutormine’s personalised online tuitions today and join the initiative to bring a change.

Reasons why you need an online tuition

The pandemic has wreaked havoc on all facets of our everyday life. Our economic systems toppled, public life was disrupted, and it also took a toll on our mental health. However, since everything is now slowly falling back into place, the very few benefits we reaped from the unprecedented standstill has to be reminisced. We, particularly the people of a developing country, learned how to get used to taking things online. These testing times have finally equipped us to get acquainted with working remotely, learning remotely and engaging in social activities remotely. All our activities suddenly took a digital representation, and needless to say, education was one among them. Schools and tuitions went online, opening up a vast range of new-found opportunities. Now that offline classes have been reinstated, it is time to mull over the question of the hour – is the online mode of learning more effective?

It is evident that additional assistance in the form of tuitions help the students excel in academics.

Do we need online tuitions?

Even though schools have gone back to their traditional classroom learning methods after the pandemic, the impact created by online learning boom still lingers in the air. Several tuition centres and home tutors have decided to continue providing personalised online tuitions, considering the benefits and high demand. It is evident that additional assistance in the form of tuitions help the students excel in academics. The process of learning that happens within the four walls of a classroom in a school has its limitations. Tuitions equip students to gain a closer understanding of the subjects, and acts as a little training project to develop a healthy study habit. What happens if these tuition lessons are taken online? Do personalised online tuitions prove to me more effective in facilitating an exponential progress in students? How do we decide if our children require a personalised online tuition? Here are 10 reasons why your child needs an online tuition:


  • Personalised attention and round-the-clock accessibility

One major distinction between traditional school classrooms and personalised online tuitions is the quality of attention received by the student. A school teacher or a tutor who runs an institution are responsible to engage with many students at the same time, which restricts the amount of time allotted to each student individually. Personalised online tuitions, on the other hand, assures that the tutor’s undivided attention is focused solely on your child. They get ample time to observe, analyse and evaluate their student, and devise a study plan that is most suitable for each student. Unlike school teachers, online tutors are always accessible, and are ready to listen to your child’s humblest academic dilemmas anytime, just a mouse-click away. 

  • Flexibility in terms of time, content and location

Personalised online tuitions are chosen by most parents across the globe, owing to its flexible nature. Classes can be customised and arranged as per the requirement and convenience of the students and their parents. Many parents often face issues with the timings of offline tuitions, which involves dropping off and picking up their children at the tuition centre. With the bustling traffic of our cities, this can be tedious and time consuming. Personalised online tuitions can be arranged at anytime as per the comfort of the students, instead. Last minute reschedules and improvisations can be made. Students do not have to compromise their extracurricular activities or gametime to fit in their tutor. They can relax in the cosiness of their home and attend their online classes without having to sacrifice anything. Personalised online tuitions also allow the students and their parents to choose the subject and specific topic they wish to learn. 

  • More engagement and better performance from students

What happens when the drab classroom with monotonous lecturing and easy distractions transforms into an enthusiastic interaction between two people who are comfortable in spending time with each other? This is the magic that can be observed in a personalised online tuition session. When the tutor gets to focus his entire attention on one student and engage in one-to-one conversation with them, the student naturally gets involved in the class without even realising it. Studies state that such customised tutorial sessions bring about active participation from the part of students. They start to follow attentively, respond keenly and think critically. With the help of dedicated attention that is provided in a personalised online tuition, your child tends to deliver a better performance in their academic activities.

  • Limitless possibilities – learn what you like from the best for resources

Imagine your child wishes to learn physics. What are the options you have? You can take your kid to any subject expert or tutor who is available in your proximity. What if your child wishes to learn physics from the best subject expert of the country who lives in another city, thousands of kilometres away? It is impossible to make that happen unless you are willing to relocate. Now what if your child is particularly interested in quantum mechanics and there is no expert available near you? Personalised online tuitions sort out all these tough situations effortlessly. You can connect to any subject expert who can help your child learn, across all geographical boundaries. You have a wide range of subjects and topics to choose from, and the best experts are available in each discipline to guide your child. The possibilities opened up by personalised online tuitions are limitless. Best resources and tutors can be accessed by your device, and there is nothing more exciting for a knowledge seeker.

  • Cost-effective and open for all

Normally, an additional tuition for your child translates to a heavier financial burden on you. Coaching classes and tuition centres demand a high fee, and additional expenses such as mess bills, transportation costs and payment for printed textbooks follow. Apart from the already exhausting school fee, parents are forced to find funds to meet such costs as well. With personalised online tuitions, things are not the same. Since the classes are held online, and your interaction is directly with the tutor, the expenses are considerably low. Travel expenses are nil, tuition fee is affordable, and resources including textbooks can be received as softcopies. The only additional cost incurred in a personalised online tuition is the data charge or broadband bill, which is definitely not an unnecessary expense in an average Indian household.

  • Traditional classrooms are replaced with new learning methods

Personalised online tuitions employ nascent technologies in the field of education, to felicitate effective learning. Traditional teaching tools such as blackboard, books and charts give way to visual representations and power point presentations. Students are encouraged to involve in the learning process by participating in activities, surfing through interactive resources and finding new ways of learning the subject. Visual stimulations are proved to be helpful in clearer comprehension and longer retention. Such visual stimulations are utilised by personalised online tuitions to reap the best results out of students. The format of study materials also differs from the traditional ones. Video classes are available in recorded format for the students to revisit. Evaluations and tests are also conducted over the web, in a new and efficient way. 

  • Personalised online tuition is the best option for digital natives

For a generation who is growing up on par with the rapid growth of technology, digital classrooms and resources are the best choices. Online mode of interaction can easily forge a stronger communication channel with students who are digital natives. Personalised online tuitions follow a mode of interaction that is most preferred by them. They get to attend classes on their personal gadgets, and customise their learning process on their own. This will kindle an organic interest in the students to attend the classes and go through the exercises. Our children have outgrown traditional classrooms, and it is high time we come up with an alternative that is suitable for their attention span. Personalised online tuitions serve this job. 

  • Better parent-teacher engagement

Personalised online tuitions enable a better interaction between the parents and the tutor. Children attend classes at their home, which makes it easier for the parents to monitor and assess the quality of classes. Parents also get to choose the best tutor for their children. Since the classes are online and tutors are available anytime for a chat, proper communication can be maintained by the parents with them. A better interaction with your child’s online tutor will help you learn more about their academic progress, strengths and weaknesses. Online tutors can send the child’s test results and evaluation reports instantly to their parents.

  • Makes learning fun and enjoyable

What a personalised online tuition lack is what a student hates the most about learning – strict rules and rigid schedules of a traditional school system. While attending an online class in the comfort of their home, students do not feel that they are pushed to learn something as they feel in school. Instead, personalised online tuition makes them wonder more about the things they do not know, ignites the inquisitiveness in them, and train them to seek knowledge on their own. In other words, online tutors encourage children to approach their lessons with enthusiasm, not aversion. Interactive mode of learning is the key to this transformation.

  • Online classroom in the learning method of future

The age of conventional schooling system will fade off soon in near future. Many organisations have tasted the convenience of online tools and remote working during the times of pandemic, and have decided to integrate it into their usual mode of functioning. Hybrid work atmosphere consisting of both online and offline components are not so uncommon now. Eventually, our education system will also undergo timely changes and adapt remote learning. Given that we have now realised the immense opportunities ingrained in the online learning method, this will not take much time. Why wait for the future to arrive when you can go ahead and gift your children the future right now by enrolling them to a good personalised online tuition class?

Why Tutormine is your child’s best learning partner

If you are in search of the best personalised online tuitions for your child, then Tutormine is here to help. Tutormine’s panel of tutors consists of subject experts from across the globe, curated after a stringent selection process. You can choose then subjects and topic for your child to learn, select the tutor best suitable for your requirements, and schedule the class as per your convenience. Classes are available for all curriculums, all standards and all subjects. Introduce your child to Tutormine today, and watch them as they scale heights of academic excellence with proper guidance.


Healthy Study Habits for Long term growth

How to be an efficient learner: Tips to cultivate healthy study habits

How many hours do your child spend a day studying? Apart from a five or six hour long school day, every child would set aside some time as per their capacity for learning and revising. For some, it would be an hour. For some others, the study time might be another tedious four hours or five hours. Do you think longer study hours will yield your child better grades? If yes, then it is time to debunk this myth. There is no point in forcing your child to spend more and more time sweating blood in front of textbooks. It would do no good except repelling them from academics. What your child require is a holistic and healthy study habit. If done right, such habits can facilitate not just good grades, but a better way of living. Let us see how to do that.

A personalised online tuition, for example, will aid this immensely.

Why should your child cultivate healthy study habits?

The pace of learning is different for different students. Some might get hold of a topic within minutes, but some may need more time to comprehend it entirely. If we understand this, it is easy to deduce the learning patterns of our children and find out what learning method works well for them. However, duration of learning hours has little to do with efficiency of learning. In order to make sure that your child is able to put the best of their effort into the process of learning, it is important to guide them towards healthy learning habits. A personalised online tuition, for example, will aid this immensely. Tutors who spend dedicated time with students will be able to understand what are the factors that influence their learning abilities. Personalised online tuitions are often the first step towards the formation of a healthy learning habit, for most of the students. 

If we attend to certain simple facets of our everyday life, we can easily develop a good and structured learning routine. Let us now learn about a few healthy study habits that will assist students to cultivate a practice of growth and progress in their life. 

Choose a dedicated space and time for learning

When your child tries to reap maximum benefit out of their study time, it is important to make sure that they choose a warm and peaceful place first. It might be a cosy corner of the room, a comfortable chair in the living room, the dining hall table where there is ample light, or a little bench in the courtyard — even a coffee shop or public library would work if that is what your child prefer. Make sure they choose a place that helps them focus in learning, with minimal distractions and noises. If your child is attending a personalised online tuition, then that should also be considered before fixing a space to study. The classes are mostly interactive, so the study space should be somewhere the student can take part in the activities, talk and listen to audios without hindrance. Needless to say, the place should be clean and calming. 

Same goes with the time of study. Choose a time slot that is convenient for you, your child and the rest of the family, without intervening in the everyday activities and socialising moments. With a personalised online tuition, time of study can be chosen and scheduled as you wish. However, it is true that same location and setting can tire the student’s brain after a while. It is quite okay to shift learning spaces occasionally, if that helps.

Focus on the attention span and reduce distractions

For digital natives, it is much difficult to hold their attention beyond a few minutes. Specifically, when they are already on their devices engaging in their personalised online tuition classes, the tendency to drift towards social media and other distractions might be evident. Hence it is important that all such diversions shall be restricted and dedicate the study hours only to the process of learning. This might seem a little tricky in the beginning, but students will definitely get the hang of it soon. If they are attending a good personalised online tuition with a good tutor, then the chances of getting distracted is very less since they are already occupied with the fun activity of learning.

Customise the schedule and set achievable study goals everyday

As we have already seen, each child has a different pace of learning. It is necessary to identify such patterns of learning before you set out on a venture to lead your child towards a healthy study plan. Help them organise their schedule practically, assigning time-based or content-based goals for each day and each session. Personalised online tuitions can act as a saviour here as well. Tutors often design their course after analysing the learning patterns of their students. That is, tutors who engage in personalised online tuitions can customise a study plan for your child. Going for small achievable goals every day and attaining it will encourage the child to continue this until it becomes a habit. 

Learn, review and revise

A healthy study habit also includes timely reviewing of what is already learned, and weekly or monthly revision of lessons. Make it a point to go back to the covered lessons a few days after, and conduct a self-evaluation. Carefully planned revision sessions will help your child get a thorough understanding of the topics, and prepares them for the annual exams beforehand. Personalised online tuitions can be arranged specifically for revision purposes as well. This will help to build upon the knowledge and create a continuation of the learning process. 

Prepare detailed notes and take practice tests

While learning, it is important to take notes accurately. It need not be the lecture notes that is hastily scribbled down. Notes can also be made as part of learning exercises, trying to remember what you learned and present it comprehensively. If your child is attending a personalised online tuition, the tutors can give proper guidance in making notes and using it. These notes can later be utilised for revisions. Similarly, it is also important to take lots of practice tests. Even if the student has consumed the contents of the entire text, the process of acquiring knowledge stands incomplete if they cannot reproduce it as the question in an exam demands. Hence, practice test is a significant part of a healthy learning habit. Tutors who provide personalised online tuitions conducts many such tests, and students can make use of it.

Breaks boost productivity and diminishes exhaustion.

Take breaks and find time to relax

All work and no play will indeed make Jack a dull boy. A healthy study habit has ample time for short breaks, power naps, leisure time and self-care in it. Researches have proved that after each 50 minutes of continuous studying, human brain requires a 10 or 15-minute break to refresh itself and be prepared to learn more. Breaks boost productivity and diminishes exhaustion. Break times can be utilised to listen to a favourite song, munch on a good snack, go for a brief walk or even spend some time with loved ones. Even micro-breaks can be taken after each topic or each chapter, if that is what your child’s body demands.

If your child is attending a personalised online tuition session, breaks become even more necessary as a lot of screen time is involved in the process. Concentrating the attention on a device screen continuously for hours can cause damage to eyes and affect attention span, even if the class is extremely entertaining. While in a personalised online tuition, students and teachers can talk about this and take breaks in between as and when needed. 

A good study habit requires a healthy body

When your children are dedicatedly taking forward their academic work, it is the parents’ duty to ensure that they are given good care. Without proper nourishment and good health, students cannot give their best in studies. Hence, good food, good sleep and healthy social relations becomes and integral part of a competent study habit. Parents shall focus in maintain their child’s physical and mental health equally, if they wish to support them in their academics.

Help students to cultivate a good and healthy study habit by mentoring them individually

Quit struggling, take a personalised online tuition

It is never a disgrace to take help when you need it. Personalised online tuitions can provide good academic and moral support for the students who need it. Tutors who provide one-to-one customised classes can help students to cultivate a good and healthy study habit by mentoring them individually. Students who take the assistance of personalised online tuitions tend to tick on to these habits without hesitation, because they receive constant motivation from their tutors. Right from the beginning, tutors will hold your child’s hand and advise them what to study, when to study and how to study. Personalised online tuitions are particularly different from all other kinds of tuitions, owing to this service it provides.

Choose Tutormine, the best platform for personalised online tuitions

If you wish to build a healthy learning habit for your child, think wisely and choose Tutormine as a learning partner. The personalised online tuitions provided by Tutormine can be customised and scheduled as per the convenience of students and their parents. Classes are available for all curriculums, all standards and all subjects. The best subject experts recruited from all around the world are lined up for your child. They can lead your child towards an efficient study plan, which will eventually grow into a healthy study habit and stay beneficial for them throughout their lives. Personalised online tuitions do not take up your child’s time. Instead, they provide them with a key to unlock their own unexplored potential. Join hands with Tutormine today, and widen the horizons for your child.