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How much is Tuition Fee for each Grade in Tutormine?

Tutormine has an efficient Tuition Fee Management System in place.  Student pay certain amount in an e-wallet.  The Tuition fee for the concerned session will get deducted every time a session begins.  The balance will be available for the future sessions.


  • 1 Session = 1 Hour.
  • Fee will be deducted from the e-wallet based on usage. (Please log in and check up in ‘e-wallet’ link for information on various Packages for adding fund into e-wallet)
  • Fund can be added into the e-wallet after Registration on the site.
  • StartUp Fee will be Rs.2,000/- including GST.
  • All ReCharges will give 100% credit to e-wallet, minus GST.
  • Fee Charged for each Services may change without prior notice.
  • Mentioned here is the MINIMUM FEE charged for each session. Fee will INCREASE based on the experience and profile of the TUTOR. Kindly verify the Fee charged by each TUTOR before booking their sessions.

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