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I am very passionate about teaching Mathematics andbelive that the subjectneeds to be approached in a more practical manner rather than just forcing students to mugup formulas and equations. The Basic concepts of Mathematics should be very strong and they can only be made strong if the students, at the right time, are given proper guidance and support. Through appropriatetraining, hardwork, proper motivation and right guidance students can sharp their skills in this subject,score well during their examinations and improve their grades.
I will guide the students the way I was guided, the way I was taught and will give students practical examples of the mistakes they can make, how the question can be re-framed and telling them simple yet effective tricks to tackle difficult questions. Currently, I ammanaging an autoparts manufacturing business with my dad and can tutor the young and energetic minds during my spare time.

Academic Accomplishments

I hadalways been passionate, motivated and eager to learn and innovate my academic skills throughout my education and I always felt that I had a knack for passing it as I grew along. I scored a 93.00% marks both in CBSE X and XII with a 94 and 95 in Mathematics at X and XII level repsectively. When I went abroad for my studies, I used to tutor a few of my fellow classmates and that really made methrive for continual improvement. I managed to get a scholarship throughout my education and topped the Class of 2015,Materials Science and Engineering.

Professional Achievements

  • Scholarship for my hardwork throughout the course of my Undergraduate Study.
  • Winner of "Engineering, You're Hired! Project Week."
  • Individual dissertation project, nominated for best critical reasoning. Topic: "Being a Magnetic Moment!"
  • Student Ambassador representing the Material Science Department at The University of Sheffield.
Language of Teaching

Course Stream Subject
CBSE 8th Mathematics

My Teaching Philosophy
  1. I can clearly pin point where exactly students make mistakes, and help them realize such points.
  2. Students learn better when they are taught as per their learning style.
  3. I have experience in teaching school students.

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