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Place: Kozhikode
District: Kozhikode
State: Kerala
Country: India
Telephone: +91 96 4567 7711
Tutormine Whatsapp +91 90 3700 5478

Profile of Sherlin

Teaching is a real passion for me. I have an online tutoring experience of 3 years and my classes will be creative and interactive. 


Degree Course University
Graduation B.Sc. (Hons.) Forestry Kerala agricultural university

Academic Accomplishments

I completed my graduation with an OGPA of 8.34. I got a good score in the GRE examination. For high school and higher secondary, I passed out with high grades.

Professional Achievements

I am a professional online tutor. I have been working with a tutoring company for 3 years. I want to share my skills and knowledge to the students who is in need. 

Language of Teaching

My Teaching Philosophy

  1. I teach concepts repeatedly so that students will learn them through multiple usage.
  2. I enjoy teaching.
  3. Difficult subjects need to be taught right from its basics.