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Place: Pune
District: Pune
State: Maharashtra
Country: India
Telephone: +91 96 4567 7711
Tutormine Whatsapp +91 7907927212

Profile of DEEPA

I would describe myself as a person who loves teaching/training to the core. I am an experienced language trainer ( Language - English Hindi, Marathi, Tamil) who believes in teaching the language in a fun manner. Language and other subjects such as Geography, History, Commerce etc comes every easily to me. The reason I chose this profession is because this is the only one where there is lot of knowledge exchange. Your students get to learn from you and you also to get to learn from them.

Apart from this, I also do content writing and I am a guest faculty for competitive exams such as SAT, ACT and PSAT which is part of College Board USA. I am eagerly awaiting to get started with teaching students on Tutormine.


Degree Course University
Graduation Bachelor of Commerce Mumbai University
First year B.com Mumbai University
Second year B.Com Mumbai University

Academic Accomplishments

Right from the initial years of my schooling, I have been very good at all the theory subjects, especially languages. Having said that, English has been and will always be my most loved and interesting language. The other languages being Marathi and Hindi. To add to that , I got the highest mark in all the three languages in my 10th grade. I also believe that when you are learning any subject, you need to understand the main concept first and then you can build your answers.

Professional Achievements

I have worked with many and different kinds of industry and organisation. My first professional achievement was when I was included as a Quality Club member in my first organisation. This was because I had scored the highest on the communication and quality parameters while doing telemarketing to international clients. I was given the best team player award for three consecutive months in my second organisation. During my banking stint, I was always appreciated for my error free work (was cashier/teller). Due to my overall good performance, I was promoted as the cash supervisor in one of the branches of HDFC bank. In my training profile, I scored the highest grades during the teachback session given by me (both communication and product knowledge) to the clients.

Language of Teaching

My Teaching Philosophy

  1. I help students to understand exam questions better.
  2. Online Tutoring is something that I am very good at.
  3. I always encourage students to visualize the concepts of what they learn.