CBSE Class 8 Computer Science online tuition home tutor Agra Agra Uttar Pradesh

Home Tutor is available for Class 8 for Computer Science. Highly experienced Home Tutors are available at Agra, Agra, Uttar Pradesh to come to your Home and Teach



Place: Agra
District: Agra
State: Uttar Pradesh
Country: India
Telephone: +91 96 4567 7711
Tutormine Whatsapp +91 90 3700 5478

Profile of Nikita

I'm a fresher, 3rd year BBA student. I want to spread knowledge as much as I can and help students to overcome their problems.



Degree Course University
Graduation BBA 1st year SCMS, Noida
Graduation BBA 2nd year SCMS, Noida

Academic Accomplishments

I got 89% in 12th ISC board

I scored 91% in 10th ISCE board

Professional Achievements

Not yet, as I'm a fresher

Language of Teaching

My Teaching Philosophy

  1. I help students to understand exam questions better.
  2. My approach is to help students to learn by being a real support and guidance for them.
  3. The learning styles of students are very different.