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Shrikanth M

Place: Chennai
District: Chennai
State: Tamil Nadu
Country: India
Telephone: +91 96 4567 7711
Tutormine Whatsapp +91 90 3700 5478

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Profile of Shrikanth M

An expert at teaching mathematics.

Have wide experience of teaching.

Proven teaching methodology to make an even weaker student understand Maths in a simple way.

Have proven track records of students who excelled in Maths post taking guidance from me.

Academic Accomplishments

Right from the beginning, I was a topper in Maths subject.

I have good capability to understand the numerical of Maths and create easy, understanding and rememberable methods which was a secret to my success in my academics.

With this approach, I completed Post graduation with 2nd topper in my university.

Out of my academic experience, I will say "devil lies in details"& hence I strive hard to achieve success by going in depth of any numerical, understood the basics of the subject.

My teaching of Maths is to just clear the basics & fundamentals, and after clearing it, the magic can be done by any person.

Professional Achievements

I Well, I have rich experience and got an opportunity to understand the students.

I have seen students belongs to one of the three categories

  • Brain solver (Brilliant )
  • Respond with thinking ( Medium /Average)
  • Do not understand at all (Poor Memory)
Out of this, I have the ability to detect the student's pattern of thinking and Iprovide teaching in an appropriateway.

This detection of students thinking made me popular amongst them and I am a tutor who suits all kinds of above categories.

Hence, I have good reviews from all my students who are successful.

Language of Teaching

Course Stream Subject
CBSE 7th Mathematics

My Teaching Philosophy
  1. I look forward to teaching students who want to learn but find it difficult to adjust with studies.
  2. I am passionate about teaching school students.
  3. Being passionate about teaching helped me to be a better teacher for Students.

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