CBSE Class 10 English online tuition home tutor Howrahsalkia Howrah West Bengal

Home Tutor is available for Class 10 for English. Highly experienced Home Tutors are available at Howrah,salkia, Howrah, West Bengal to come to your Home and Teach



Place: Howrah,Salkia
District: Howrah
State: West Bengal
Country: India
Telephone: +91 96 4567 7711
Tutormine Whatsapp +91 90 3700 5478

Profile of Megha

  • Enthusiastic and energetic professional.
  • Passionate about teaching.
  • Dedicated to provide students with all means to accomplish whatever they seek.
  • Devout in providing students with potential to grasp necessary skills.
  • Unwavering commitment to build confidence and self-esteem in students.
  • Responsible as a teacher.
  • Like accepting students feedback regarding teaching techniques.
  • Ultimate aim is to enhance learning capability.
  • Encourage students to speak in English, and thereby increase their fluency in English.
  • Always available to help students.
  • Great help in completing their homework.


Degree Course University
Post Graduation Master of Arts in English University of Calcutta
Graduation Bachelor of Arts University of Calcutta
Higher Secondary ISC Ratnakar North Point School
Matriculation ICSE Sister Nivedita Institute

Academic Accomplishments

  • I have attended and participated in various seminars organised by our college while doing my M.A ( I was actively involved in a seminar on Michel Foucault wherein i  participated and applied his concept of Power and Knowledge in Macbeth by William Shakespeare)
  • In Masters my special Author was R.k Narayan and I have a thorough idea of his literary works.
  • I have qualified Bachelor Degree. I was one of the toppers in department of English during the second year of the course.
  • In my school days also I have  qualified silver zone in International olympiad of science and in International olympiad of English.

Professional Achievements

  • I have worked with MSP Educare as a part time teacher .
  • Teaching is my profession and my passion as well. My professional achievement occurs especially when my students achieve their milestones. With almost 6 years of my teaching experience I have many such stories to share.
  • Every day I learn something new while teaching and that in itself is a considerable evolution. Every day I evolve as a teacher.

Language of Teaching

My Teaching Philosophy

  1. I can clearly pin point where exactly students make mistakes, and help them realize such points.
  2. I teach students the quick methods to solve exams questions.
  3. Online Tutoring is something that I am very good at.