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Place: bharuch
District: Bharuch
State: Gujarat
Country: India
Telephone: +91 96 4567 7711
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Knowledge Enhancement Cognitivity

In this 21st century era, we need to be more alert and smart towards everything. And for that, Excellent Educational skills should be there to enhance further better. In this learning-centred platform, we need to focus more on creativity and constructivist teaching-learning methodology. Practiacal experience with cognitive skills would make us climb the ladder more easily. I am here to develop your cognitivity with a great exposure to real life scenarios. Come and join me, we should travel together and make the journey more interesting. Welcome you all...


Degree Course University
Graduation Silicon Institute of Technology

Academic Accomplishments

My journey through my Academics was really outstanding and it proves that where we belong to right now. My graduation was based on engineering in Electrical and Electronics stream. It was really beneficial for me as I can channelize properly my ascent and strategies of teaching-learning process. Overall it was a great and remarkable experience. My tutors have always believed in me and that makes me the person of my words and work.

Professional Achievements

Professionly, when I was in my last year I got through the on-campus placement in Infosys Limited. It is a great organization to work with and also the training process which was held in Mysore for 6 months was worthy attending it. I can't never forget those blissful days which makes a remarkable change in everyones career. After the training process, I got posted in Bhubaneswar, Odisha as its my hometown. Everything was wonderful. After my marriage when I came to Bharuch, Gujarat, I went for teachership and this profession taught me the word 'PEACE'. It is a great profession and is also the great field to work on. I came to knew my many skills and talents inside me. And the environment with students is just mindblowing. I love to work and grow more and more in this teaching field.

Language of Teaching

My Teaching Philosophy

  1. I keenly watch whether students want to ask questions.
  2. I always encourage students to visualize the concepts of what they learn.
  3. Online Tutoring is an excellent way to teach students.