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Place: kasaragod
District: kasaragod
State: Kerala
Country: India
Telephone: +91 96 4567 7711
Tutormine Whatsapp +91 7907927212

Profile of Suchithra

I will be a good teacher, a good friend and a mentor for your child. I have more than 4 years of experience in teaching ( both Mathematics and Statistics) . I can assure that students will not get bored while sitting in my class and i always try to make them more comfortable.

Students can approach me any time for clarifying their doubts and i will be available for them with pleasure . This is only beacause i love teaching and the happiness i am getting while taking classes is priceless. I have much more patience to handle any kind of students and i belive that is my strength. 


Degree Course University
Graduation B.Sc.Mathematics Kannur University
Post Graduation M.Sc.Statistics Kannur University

Academic Accomplishments

I always belive that academically high marks or rank donot guarantee you a successful teacher. To bccome a successful teacher we should have good communication skill and lot of patience also. The way you treat each and every students matters a lot. I can assure that i am that kind of teacher and for me each and every students are unique. Academically i was an above average student but i always ready to share my knowledge with others and i love to do that. 

I always get appreciation on seminar presentation, the way i present ,my sound modulation and the clarification on topic . Also i love to participate on quizes and won prizes in Labour India quiz competition,Deshabhimani quiz competition and many more. I was an actively participated student and i will try to build my students in the same manner. 

Professional Achievements

I could teach different level of students,highschool,higher secondary and college. More than 3 years of offline classes really helped me a lot to know the students, how to interact them, how to take care of them, how to help them, how to teach them to be a good person etc.

My students are still in contact with me to share their doubts and personal problems and i belive this the best achivement i can have. I have more than 4 years of experinece so that i know how to treat my students and how to be their best teacher and best friend.

Language of Teaching

My Teaching Philosophy

  1. I believe I am a teacher who can teach concepts very well.
  2. As a Teacher, I use so many examples while teaching.
  3. Each concepts are linked to one another and hence I adopt a systematic method to help students learn things in proper manner.