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Place: Ernakulam
District: Ernakulam
State: Kerala
Country: India
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Profile of Mumtaz

Education basically shapes the future generation.Each child's mind is like a freshly tilled field .Best results comes from the type and viability of the seeds sown in their minds.Utmost care is needed at every step so that a child gets educated and develops without losing his or her own identity. A teacher teaches ,a good teacher inculcates knowledge and a great teacher invokes creativity in her students and helps bring character changes ,improves self-esteem and build confidence. Teaching learning process evolves students into better human beings ,develops positive attitude towards life, people and environment.

All through my career ,I have considered all the students that I came across as special and unique and I truly believe they are . As a teacher ,I have always improved the above average students with Higher Order thinking Skills (HOTS) questions ,the average and below average students were raised to above average level with innovative questioning method that motivates them to think on thier own and frame their own questions and find answers to it . Lesson content and concepts will be explained in a very simple and interesting manner so that the student's ability to visualize the content improves and the ideas will be so much engraved on their minds that they will always remember the concepts.

I have been a very hard working and studious student and I followed the same in my professional life as well. Teaching has always been my passion.I Made sure that each student think and learn and are shaped into more loving ,humble and respectful pupil. Took a lot of effort every academic year to achieve highest results in every class that I taught . I remember a student who always secured very less grades for all the subjects . Without ridiculing or humiliating the student ,I patiently tried to correct her, when every efffort of mine failed , I scrutinized her background and found out that one of the parent was bossy and critical of their own child . I politely explained the situation to the parents and told them to encourage and show love and the result was astonishing.The grades of the student improved drastically. As a Head Mistress ,I planned the syllabus to enhance activity based learning and promote child-centered education pattern.


Degree Course University
Post Graduation M,Sc Cochin University of science and Technology
Graduation B.Sc. Mahatma Gandhi University
B.Ed Annamalai

Academic Accomplishments

I did my schooling in reputed St.Mary's Anglo Indian High School. As a part of convent education ,discipline was inculcated at a very young age .I did my college from Cochin College and came out with flying colours . Secured high first class in Pre Degree and Degree . Actively participated in all the activities of the educational institution. I did Post Graduation from the renowned Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT) . Achieved high first class .

Professional Achievements

I have a total teaching experience of 22 years . I worked as PRINCIPAL,HEAD MISTRESS,ACADEMIC HEAD and TEACHER . I worked in India and Abroad . Started my career from Inernational Indian School ,JEDDAH,SAUDI ARABIA .In India I have worked in Al Ameen Public Shool and Radcliffe School ,Kochi.In all the institutions,I was applauded as a great,disciplined and dedicated teacher. I was awarded medals and certificates for securing 100% result in class X consecutively for 3 years. As a class teacher , the students of my class wins first positions in the whole school. Also I have won many certificates of appreciations for rendering outstanding performance in other duties of the school.

As a teacher ,I have the experience of teaching students of all the classes from class III to class X and handled almost all the subjects including mainly Science,English and Social studies . As an HM , I single handedly managed the whole school and showed excellent leadership qualities .

Language of Teaching

My Teaching Philosophy

  1. Students love teachers who listen to their problems.
  2. I keenly watch whether students want to ask questions.
  3. Online Tutoring is something that I am very good at.