Why Tutormine is Best

Why Tutormine is the best online tuition platform?

Tutormine is a unique, student friendly, cost effective and trustworthy online tuition platform.

Learn how tutormine works and its advantages

How it works?

  1. Register as a student
  2. Add INR 2000/- to e-wallet
  3. Search, find and book tutors based on their profiles
  4. Attend tuition sessions
  5. Tuition fee will be deducted only for the sessions attended. (Even when multiple session are booked in advance, tuition fee for the attended sessions only will be deducted)


1. Student can book the same teacher always!

Since each sessions are booked separately, student has the freedom to book the slots of the same tutor. This helps continuity and better learning.
At the same time, student can also search profiles of other teachers and if found interesting can book them also. Students can easily get the best tutor of the lot always.

2. Siblings of the student can also use the same account

Siblings need not register separately. One Student Registration account is good enough for siblings to use the tutoring facility. Bookings can be done for separate teachers and fee for the same will be deducted from the same e-wallet.
This feature of tutormine helps all students in the family to take tuitions without the hassle of creating and managing separate online tuition accounts.
The PassBook feature of the system gives clear information as to who used the money for which session.

3. Instant booking is possible and students can get tuition within one hour

The minimum time gap required for a tuition booking is one hour. This ensures that a student can get a tutor just in one hour of booking. This is highly useful during exam times.

4. Students can mention their topic of tuition at the time of booking.

This helps the tutor to be ready for that topic and saves a lot of time in the tuition session. Since each bookings have one hour lead time, tutors get ample time to prepare for the topic and take it up perfectly.

5. Tutors help students for their home assignments

Professional support for completing home assignments will really be boon. The struggle parents used to undertake can be passed on to experienced teachers. A properly completed home assignment earns student dignity and adds upto his confidence.

6. Result Oriented

All the Tutors of Tutormine will ensure that their students understand the topic of tuitions very well and the purpose of attending the tuition session is fully met.

7. Accurate Payment System

Tutormine always strives to ensure that its payment system is fool-proof. In order to start taking up tuitions, the e-wallet needs to be funded. The initial payment is INR 2,000/-. This money will be available for taking tuitions. Each session attended will deduct the fee for the session.
Student can re-charge the account through online payment using credit/debit cards, bank transfer etc.

8. Digital Passbook

Passbook is available for verification of each booking and tuition session. Parents can have excellent control over their spending and transactions in tutormine. Based on the balance of PassBook, parents can replenish it and use it judiciously.

Tutormine is a unique, student friendly, cost effective and trustworthy online tuition platform that strives to ensure that its students are given the best education support using the best technological platform at the lowest possible cost.