Where is Online Tuition available?

Where is Online Tuition available?

Overcoming the hindrance of Distance!

Just like we hear “Everything is just your click away”, Tutormine brings everything to you just a screen away. All you need is to have a personal computer and an internet connection for our specializations to unfold to you. This form of online tuition can be accessed from your home, the study space, or wherever required all across the globe.
The tuitions happen through technologically attuned custom designed video conferencing application. This application acts as an interface between the tutor and the student wherein their screen becomes the book. The screen offer various features like pencil to write, graphs for math, audio/ video/ file transfers.
In fact, with the vision behind Tutormine was to be inclusive as possible which brought in the added positives naturally.

Avail over any inconvenience

The time when you shift houses or where you’re located remote areas, or may be unavailable at your place due to some inconvenience. At such times, online tuitions can always resolve those obstacles. The online tuitions come at your doorstep anywhere around the world with just an internet connection. We often hear of students failing due to some illness or a disability. At such difficult heart-wrenching points, the education has to be dealt well-balanced. Those are also the times when online tuitions becomes most benefiting with it’s availability at home or at whatever environment you are.

Accessible across globe

The technology is fast growing and online tuitions are a mass market affair. Tutormine brings through technology it’s services to normal students who look out for academic help. Sometimes, it could be a German tutor herself teaching German to an Indian student. This is the greatest accessibility that it offers as far as knowledge is concerned.