What is Online Tuition?

What is online Tuition?

An online platform for effective learning

Online tuition is a virtual environment that connects tutors and students at different time and space. Online tutoring indeed shows the diversity that lies within the evolution of technology. One such platform is what we are, namely, ‘Tutormine’. This type of tutoring specifically focuses on tuitions that are wholly online. There are no thoughts of in-class sessions. Here at Tutormine, we offer the most effective method of online tutoring, i.e, the live one-to-one tuitions.

Live One-to-one Online tuitions

It is the easiest and simplest method of effective teaching. It uses an interactive whiteboard with audio, video, and chat room. The tutor is virtually with the student helping him to understand and guiding him in each step towards grasping knowledge. The student can chat, seek help, write, view, and share documents.
Everything that one thinks, the online tuitions resolves it. There is no system of learning simpler than live one-to-one online tuition. The idea of live tutoring enables to discover a real- time experience. It is just like a lived-in experience like a real home tuition session. In fact, live tutors are very intriguing and replace the unreal recorded videos.

  1. The online tutoring has interactive benefits as it is face-to-face on a live web.
  2. It is also beneficial to students who lack motivation.
  3. The tutors inclucate certain level of intrinsic motivation in students where both the student and teacher becomes comfortable to talk to each other. Unlike the classrooms, where it is professional and the students could hold inhibitions.
  4. Online tutorial makes a student emotionally secure because of the attention given by the tutors. The students will also be able to easily connect with his/her tutor just like the subject. Thus, interactive tuitions aren’t merely about the comfort that it offers. It mainly creates the emotional bond that is vital in learning.

To create a full-fledged learning experience, it also is bound by a lot of research into teaching methods. Tutormine similarly uses various methods as follows:

Strategic online tutoring:

There is an enormous investment upon planning in prior. Then, creation of worksheets, online bulletin boards, slides, and other e-learning tools for effective illustration of teaching modules. It also looks at using pod-casts to improvise their teaching methods.


The tutors are made to have awareness about the challenges or stages in online tutoring. The tutor keenly observes the learner to understand when to utilize the method. The stages include:

  1. Motivation
  2. Interaction
  3. Information exchange
  4. Development of knowledge.

In fact, those are the two important methods followed by the tutors while delivering the one-to-one sessions. Finally, say goodbye to lesser grades for your examinations and inadequate teaching methodologies. Because Tutormine is determined to provide the facilities for all kinds of students from CBSE, ICSE, and State boards.