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With more than 4 years of experience in teaching, I have learned my unique technique of teaching subjects likeeconomics, business studies, commerce, and algebra. Be it a dyslexic student, moms rejoining their studies to complete graduation, underprivilegedkids with weak basics from the municipality schools, overseas students or the general CBSE, ICSE or state-boardstudents, I have had the opportunity to teach them all. This enabled me to gain my particular teaching style where I first study the understanding and comfort of the student by asking general questions on the topic, then accordingly I plan my teaching method with constant interaction with the student. Lastly, at the end of class, I would question the student about the concepts covered in the class and ask them to summarize it making the concepts strong enough for them to remember well.

Academic Accomplishments

I have a background in mathematics, commerce, and economics from my various certifications and degrees. All these certifications have helped me gain more knowledge and insightin the subjects which allows me to give an elaborateas well as a specific explanation of the subject.

Professional Achievements

I have worked with coaching classes and managed them. I have taken private coaching as well. I have even worked companies to prepare assessments for subjects like mathematics and economics. I have volunteered at Akanksha foundation NGO. Received many appreciations and certifications from the coaching class and authoring service. In all an elaborate experience in education.

Language of Teaching

Course Stream Subject
CBSE 9th Mathematics

My Teaching Philosophy
  1. I have experience in teaching school students.
  2. I want my students to score maximum marks and hence, I go deep into the subjects.
  3. I explain to students why mistakes happen during exams and give them tips to tackle them.

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