Near me CBSE Tuition for Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Science

Tutormine offers CBSE Online Tuition for Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Science, English, Hindi for 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th Classes.

Tutormine has a large pool of tutors who have excellent capability to offer various school subjects tuition. These tutors are available for online tuition at any given time as per the requirement of students.

Tutors offer personalized one-to-one tuition when a student asks for it at a time convenient to him.

It is easy to avail the tuition service of a CBSE Tutor in tutormine.

Student has to Register with tutormine and add certain stipulated fund into the e-wallet. Student can then search any tutor from the list of tutors with tutormine based on their profile. They can also search on subject specialization, qualification, experience and availability of tuition sessions.

Once a tutor is selected, student can book the tutor for online tuition session. There is a virtual classroom software available for download from the student portal of tutormine.

Upon downloading and installing the virtul classroom software, the student can log into the classroom using the same user name and password.

Teacher will be available for tuition when the student logs into the virtual classroom. At the time of entering into the virtual classroom, the fee for the session will be deducted from the e-wallet of the student. The fee thus deducted will be transferred to the concerned tutor.

Students can search for tutors who are near to his home location. Often students and parents search for ‘Tuition near me’. Tutormine provides tutors near to students which gives students an extra comfort and confidence of learning from someone close to his home.

Tutormine always give importance to the queries of parents for ‘Tutor near me’. This query shows how particular they are about getting a tutor near to their home or at least their home town.

Tutormine strives to match the profiles of those tutors who stay near to the student so that the student feels more comfortable for taking up tuition from a ‘neighbor’.

It is easy to Register with tutormine to avail online tuition. Once registered, the student can follow the instructions and take tuition according to their requirements and convenience.