How Tuttuson scored more marks through one-to-one Online Tuitions

Tuttuson/CBSE Online Tuition

Tuttuson is a smart boy. He is active in all extra curricular activities in his school.

Tuttuson's exam results/CBSE Online Tuition

But his exam results made everyone sad. And all wondered, why such a smart boy scores less marks in exams? Mamma Toria was heart broken; so was Twingy Sister.

Tuttuson can scrore more marks/ CBSE Online Tuition

But his Pappa Torto thought that some thing must have gone wrong; and believed that, if taught well, Tuttuson can still score good marks.

Tunder suggested that Tuttuson can fare well in exams/CBSE Online Tuition

He asked his neighbour friend Tunder Uncle as to what could be done that Tuttuson will fare well in his exams?

Tuttuson has different learning style

Tunder Uncle is a well read and learned person. He understood that Tuttuson, like any other kid, has a different learning style.

Tuttuson must understand concepts well

He said, each student is different and should be taught differently. Tuttuson must understand concepts well and only then can he write exams well to score maximum marks.

How to give Tuttuson special attention

But how to give him special attention in his studies? wondered Pappa Torto!

Tunder suggested personalized tuition for Tuttuson

Uncle Tunder suggested personalized tuition for Tuttuson. He needs personal attention of Teachers who can understand his strengths and weakness.

Tuttuson must take up One-to-One Online tuition

The best way for Tuttuson is to take up One-to-One Online tuition. (Uncle suggested)

Mamma Toria felt Tuttuson can score more if personalized tuition is given

Mamma Toria also felt that Uncle Tunder’s observations are correct. She knew that if personal attention is given, her child will definitely study well and will score good marks.

How much will the Fees for Online Tuition

But how much will be the Tuition Fee?? Won’t it be very costly??

Is online tuition costly?

Is Online Tuition costly? especially when one teacher is dedicated to teach only one student at a time?

Online Tuitions are not costly!

“Certainly NOT!!!” asserted Uncle Tunder

Online tuition is cheap since it saves time

“Online Tuition costs less compared to a teacher coming home, as he saves his travel time for both ways” quipped Uncle

Online tuition is available on full screen

“You have a computer at home with excellent internet connection. The Teacher will be visible on Full Screen of the computer.” Uncle said.

Online Tuition has live tuition feeling

“Tuttuson will feel that teacher is sitting across him. More over Tuttuson can study sitting at his home.” felt Pappa

Parents can watch while tuition is on

“Ofcourse, We, Parents, can also keep an eye on his studies.” Mamma Toria accepted it enthusiastically!

Tutor is available at Tuttuson's convenience“As Teacher is available anytime according to Tuttuson’s convenience, you can plan your studies well in advance”. Uncle looked at Tuttu.

so many teachers are available through online tuitions

“Also, so many tutors are available for so may subjects that Tuttuson can get support for all his study needs from any teacher he likes.” Uncle told Mamma Toria.

e-wallet is fit in with online tuitions

“And you don’t need to pay huge money in advance for it. There is a built-in e-wallet. You can put money in it through online payment”. Tunder Uncle suggested.

online tuition fee will be deducted from e-wallet

“Each time a tuition session is conducted, the fee for that session will be deducted from your e-wallet. You can Re-Charge it as per need, and track usage thorough its PassBook”

Pay only for the tuition taken

“Oh! that’s pretty good!” Exclaimed Pappa. “Paying only for the tuition sessions taken is really good!”

Tuttuson has reasons for under-performance

Tuttu felt happy about the care and concern of his parents. He thought Uncle Tunder understood the actual issue of his under-performance.

so many subjects to study in classroomso many subjects to study in classroomso many subjects to study in classroomso many subjects to study in classroomTuttu couldn’t catch up with the pace of teaching so many subjects in classroom. He wanted more time to learn concepts thoroughly. More over, some concepts that he studied in lower classes were not clear to him even now.

complex questions are tough!

When more elaborate questions came from the same topic in higher classes, he found it difficult to follow as he had no foundation in that.

Tuttuson wants a private tutor

He certainly wanted a tutor to teach him some concepts that he missed in his earlier classes. He wanted a tutor to specifically know his weak areas and help him to build on that.

Difficult to learn in Tuition Class with more studentsHe found it difficult to get such help in his school and even in his tuition center which has even more students.

Personalized online tuition is a good conceptThe idea of personalized tuition is really impressive; especially when it is available right at his home according to his convenience!

Tuttuson Registers for Online TuitionThrough a simple Registration process, Tuttuson became a student in the online tuition portal.

Tuttuson selects online tutor

From numerous tutors available, he selected Telly Miss to teach him Maths. There are so many other tutors available for all other subjects and languages.

Telly miss is a good teacherTelly miss was very pleasant and always smiling!! She explained concepts well and helped him find solutions for given problems.

Personalized tuition really helped TuttusonPersonalized tuition really helped Tuttuson. He started getting clearer with concepts in all subjects and began to attain confidence in his ability to learn.

Exams were comfortable for TuttusonExams were comfortable for Tuttu as he was really ready for them. And his marks proved all that right.

Pappa and Mamma rushed to Tunder UncleSeeing Tuttu’s marks, Pappa and Mamma were jubilant and rushed to thank Uncle Tunder.

Tuttuson's personalized online tuition made all the difference“Your decision to give Tuttu personalized online tuition made all the difference” laughed Tunder Uncle. “Say thanks to the online tuition provider for their good work”

Thanks for Online TutorsThat’s right, thought Tuttu. “I must thank my online tutors for their dedication and support”.

All Children are good at studies if taught well“I learned that perfect lesson” sobbed Mamma holding Tuttu close to her. “All children are good at studies. Parents should provide them personalized education support and attention for good Results”

Pappa Torto thanked Tunder UnclePappa Torto was all in tears of joy while hugging Tunder Uncle.

Tuttuson scored maximum marks all through his studies ever sinceTuttuson scored maximum marks all through his studies ever since.