How Tutormine Online Tuition System Works?

9 steps on how online tuition works

How Tutormine works?

Tutormine Online Tuition System Works in a very organized way

1. Register with Tutormine

Student Registration in Tutormine is FREE. Click on the Registration link on the home page of tutormine will guide one to ‘Registration Form’
Once Registered, confirmations mails will be transacted and Registration will be confirmed.

2. Add Fund to e-wallet

Upon Registration, Student can log into Student Portal. Student has to ‘Add Fund’ into an e-wallet to start searching and booking Tutors. The initial Fund as ‘StartUp Fee’ to be added is INR. 5,000/-. There is One-Time SetUp Cost (OTC) of Rs.1,000/- set aside from StartUp Fee.
All ReCharges therefurther will give 100% credit to e-wallet.
E-wallet is a digital purse wherein one can keep some fund for using in the site.

3. Search for Tutors based on their Profiles

After making payment into the e-wallet, Student can start searching for Tutors as per his likes based on the Profiles provided by all Tutors.

4. Evaluate Fees charged by various Tutors

The Fee charged by each tutor for each subject and class/grade is displayed along with the Profile of the Tutors. Student can evaluate the charges prior to making any booking.

5. Book Tutor for Online Tuition

Student is at his liberty to book any tutor based on his choice and the availability of Tutors. If a selected tutor is not available for the time required for tuition, student can ‘Request Tuition’ from the booking table and get the tutor’s time organized.
E-mail confirmations will be provided for bookings and both Student and Tutor will have to adhere to the time commitments.

6. Attend Session

Once booking is confirmed, Students can log in to attend the tuition session on the virtual classroom software platform downloaded and installed on to the PC from the student portal. Virtual ClassRoom Platform is a software application which has all the enablers such as writing board, slide presentations, video play console etc, for conducting online tuition.

7. Fee for the session will be deducted upon joining for Tuition

Fees for the tuition booked will be deducted upon the joining of the student for the session. Fee will be deducted and transferred to the concerned tutor.
Student can log in only after the tutor had logged into the Classroom. This ensures that the tuition fee is deducted only after the contract is complete.

8. Balance remains in the e-wallet to book for next session

After the tuition fee for a session is deducted, the balance remains in the e-wallet. This fund is again utilized for future bookings. Students can book tuition sessions as long as there is fund in e-wallet.
E-wallet can be re-charged for adding fund into it for continuous usage.

9. Evaluate through Pass Book

There is a PassBook attached along with the e-wallet. Each and every transaction can be verified on PassBook and keep a track of the fund movement.

Tutormine is a highly automated and professionally organized online online tutoring system that helps students to find and take tuitions from tutors as per their choice and convenience.  There is a truly transparent method to book tutors, take up tuition sessions, pay tuition fees and keep track of all transactions.

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