How to Start as an Online Tutor with Tutormine?

Tutormine offers excellent opportunity for those who are passionate about teaching. Start offering Online Tuition sitting right at home using computer/laptop. Teach Students all across the world.

How to work as a Part Time Online Tutor

  1. Register as a Tutor with (Registration is absolutely FREE)
  2. Upload your CV at the time of Registration.
  3. After evaluating the CV our academics team will activate your CV. They may call you on phone if they need any more information or clarification.
  4. Once you receive a mail from Tutormine mentioning the activation of your Registration, log into the portal with your credentials.
  5. Create your Profile by filling in the details asked about you.
  6. Each step of filling in data is tracked with progress percentages.
  7. Once you complete your Profile 100%, we will call you up to give you a Practical Demo on how to offer online tuition through our Virtual Classroom Software Platform. This One-on-One Practical session will help you understand how to go about offering tuitions online on Tutormine.
  8. Once we feel you are confident enough to take up sessions online, we will create your Account and you will be able to go live.
  9. Upon we creating your account, you will be able to offer your convenient timings for tuition sessions.
  10. Students search and find you on the basis of your Profile and book your sessions based on the time slots you have provided.
  11. We offer you students and collect the fee from them and transfer to your Bank account on a monthly basis.

Students search and find you and decide to book your tuition sessions based on your Profile. Your Profile information is very important for them to decide whether to take your tuition or not. So kindly ENSURE THAT YOU PROVIDE AS MUCH INFORMATION POSSIBLE ABOUT YOU on your Profile, so that, Students will be impressed to take up your tuition sessions.

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