How to get personalized Online Tuition from Tutormine?

Tutormine offers personalized Online Tuition for students of all school syllabus. Predominantly online tuitions are offered for all subjects of CBSE / ICSE / IGCSE / All State Boards etc.

Tutormine has thousands of expert passionate teachers, who offer live interactive online tuition that suit the specific requirements of Students.

Tutormine has developed a proprietory Virtual Classroom Software with all the enablers required to offer effective tuition. This software is vital in offering tuitions with its Full Screen interactive videos, digital writing boards, Slide Presentations and Video Streaming.

Students will have to Register with Tutormine to take up tuitions. Registration is Free. Once the Registration is done, students can log into the site:

There is a digital e-wallet provided for tuition fee management. Students can deposit small amounts of money in the e-wallet and this money will be utilized for taking up tuitions.

Once the e-wallet is filled, Students can search and find Tutors based on their Profiles. The Profiles of the tutors contain all the information required for students to decide to take up tuitions.

Fee is charged for each tuition sessions. When a Student books a tutor and joins for the online tuition session, the fee for that session will be deducted from the e-wallet of the student and passed onto the tutor’s account.

E-wallet is an excellent tool to spend tuition fee wisely. The Pass Book associated with the e-wallet, will give clear information about the spending of the money and keep a track of the same. The money un-utilized will remain in the e-wallet.

Students can use tutormine’s personalized online one-to-one tuition any time as per their convenience. The biggest advantage of Tutormine is that a student can get a tuition teacher from a large pool of excellent tutors, anytime the student wants, right at the comfort of his home.

Register as a Student with Tutormine right now. The benefits are manifold.