How is an online tuition session conducted?

How is an online tuition session conducted?

Online Tuition Sessions are highly systematized

To know how an online tuition session is conducted, the student must sign up to avail themselves a seat in Tutormine. The virtual classroom ensures a live, one-to-one, interactive tuition. Our service encompasses a vast range of subjects. This platform allows the parents and students to research on the profiles section of the tutors that help to map the specializations tutors. It also provides an interface for researching students’ criteria regarding subject needs, instructional style, and qualifications expected. Once the students settle their choice structure, all you need to do is search and find tutors who fall in the structure. Unlike the word-of-mouth enquiry and reviews about nearby tuition centres, Tutormine’s online tutoring platform has been structured simple. The student or the parent just need to search for tuitions and tutor details/reviews which are available on a single screen.

Later steps include:-

  1. Search on the prescribed timetable of the Tutor.
  2. If the time slot Student wants is not available, make a ‘Request for Tuition’ for that time slot. Tutor will allocate that time slot if she is not pre-booked for the same.
  3. Ensure that the Student has enough balance in the e-wallet. If not, Recharge the e-wallet for fee transfer using ‘Add fund’ tab.
  4. Keep an eye on the passbook to check the payment summary or history.
  5. Confirmation to attend the tuition sessions of the respective tutor.

Once you have selected a tutor of your choice, you can book a session with the tutor and undertake an online tuition session through the following method:

How does online tutorial application work?

  1. Ensure that the e-tuition application is Downloaded and installed on your computer from the student portal.
  2. Make sure the audio and video of your computer is connected and configured properly.
  3. Sign up with the ID and password.
  4. Login and enter the virtual classroom for your tuition session.

The online sessions are thus easy to access just like how one logs in to a mail or another web service.