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Excellent Features of Tutormine One-to-One Online Tuition that make it a unique platform for personalised learning

Live one-to-one personalised online tuition for Students in CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE and State Boards for all subjects
Features of Tutormine

Excellent Features of Tutormine One-to-One Online Tuition

e-Tutoring in definitely the voice of advanced high-quality education. Live online tuition, unlike traditional face to face tutoring, offers a wide range of benefits for the students. A virtual room is set up where the tutor and students from various parts of the world can come together and have live interaction, and students can learn their lessons in the most high-tech method available. Some of the most important benefits of online tuitions for students are given here.

  1. Choose who should teach you: Students can choose from a wide number of experienced professionals registered with Tutor Mine, and select the tutor they think is right for them.
  2. Stay at home and excel: Students need not travel to their tutor’s home. They can stay home and attend the tuition online without having to move out from their comfort zone.
  3. Revise your lessons any time: With Tutor Mine, students can record the sessions and other notes so that they can go back to those lessons and notes whenever they want in future.
  4. Move ahead with technology: Online tutoring is one of the emerging techniques of learning. With Tutor Mine, students will be able to experience rich technological advancements.
  5. Build friends globally: Since Tutor Mine is a global platform for online tutoring, students can connect with other students around the world, and thereby increase their knowledge.
  6. No more scared learning: Since tutors are not physically present, students will be able to feel comfortable in the safety of their home. They need not be scared of being harassed or hurt.
  7. Attend online mock tests: Tutors will be conducting mock tests online for preparing students for their exams at school. This will help them face their exams with confidence.

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