How does e-wallet function in Tutormine?

Tutormine has an e-wallet which takes care of tuition fee payment. Students deposit certain stipulated sum of money into e-wallet. This money will be available for students to take up tuition from any tutor selected by the student.

e-wallet is a digital accounting system. Funds can be added into e-wallet through the online payment gateway. To add funds into e-wallet, student needs to look for the link Add Fund.

When e-wallet has positive balance, student can search and find tutors for tuition and book tuition sessions for the convenient date and time.

At the time of entering into the Virtual Classroom, student will be prompted to pay for the tuition fee for the sesion. As the student agrees to pay for the session, the required fee will be deducted from the e-wallet and will be transferred to the concerned tutor’s account.

There is a Pass Book built along with the e-wallet. Pass Book shows the transactions and the balance available in the e-wallet.

The fund that is added into the e-wallet remains in it until it is used up. There is no time limit for using up the balance fund. e-wallet can be replenished whenever its balance reduces. Fund once put in the e-wallet of Tutormine will not be refunded. It can only be utilized by way of online tuition.

e-wallet helps student to avoid the hassle of remitting funds for each tuition session. The positive balance in the account will come handy in taking up online tuition session whenever the need is felt.