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Advantages of Tutormine One-to-One Online Tuition

Live one-to-one personalised online tuition for Students in CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE and State Boards for all subjects

Advantages of Tutormine One-to-One Online Tuition


1. Online Tuitions for any syllabus, anytime, anywhere!

Be it Maths, Science, Social Studies or Languages of any Syllabus of any School Exam Boards or any Universities; Tutormine has tuition offers for all these.

Students can search for Tutors, find their Profiles, book their Time and attend their Tuition Sessions anytime convenient. All tuitions are available Online right at the home of the Student.

2. Personalized One-to-One Live Interactive Tuitions

Each Tuition Sessions are engaged with One Teacher and One Student. Personalized attention is the core of Tutormine’s tuitions. Each Student is unique; so as their difficulties. Teacher gets to understand the difficulties faced by the Student and will be able to address those issues effectively. The Live, Interactive nature of tuitions in Tutormine helps Students to ask questions are get their doubts cleared instantly

3. Lowest Fees among all Online Tuition Providers

Tutormine’s Tuition Fee is the LOWEST among all the Online Tuition Providers around! We always search, find and ensure that people who have passion for teaching take tuitions through Tutormine. They do it for their passion and not to earn more money from teaching! No wonder! Tutormine’s Tuition Fees are very reasonable.

4. Experienced Teachers from across India

There are so many highly educated and experienced women who love teaching are available for teaching Students Online. Tutormine carefully select those who are willing to offer tuitions, train them thoroughly and on board them to offer tuitions online.

5. No monthly Fees, Pay only for the Tuition Sessions taken

Tutormine has a unique e-wallet available for Tuition Fees management. This works something like a Pre-Paid Mobile Phone. Deposit some money in the e-wallet. Each time a tuition session is done, the Fee for that session will be deducted from the e-wallet and the balance remains in the account.

No monthly fixed payment or subscription. Just pay as you use the Tuition Sessions.

6. Full Screen Video based Virtual Classroom

The Tutor’s video will be available on the Full Screen of your Computer. Student is visible to Tutor also on Full Screen. Its like a full-fledged Live Video Conferencing! Student will feel the teacher is sitting right across the table and teaching!

Tutormine’s Virtual Classroom has Digital Writing Board, Slide Show Panel and Educational Video Player along with a host of other allied features.

7. Practice Test Papers Online

Solve More Questions; Score More Marks. Tutormine believes in practice. Thus, it provides a huge question bank for Students to practice lots of questions online regularly. All these questions are made available on mobile app so as to help them practice anytime convenient to them.

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