What is Tutormine?

An Online Tutoring Portal that Helps you Score More Marks!

Online Test Papers

Tutormine has created a huge question bank for students to take up online test papers.  Based on study topics, students can select their tests and attend to them.  Online test papers provide instant results. These test results are clear indications for their learning levels.  Based on such results students can decide whether or not to go back to such particular topics and learn better.

Solved Questions

Once Test papers are done, students look for answers for questions. Tutormine provides Answer keys along with each question.  These answers in the form of narrative videos and hence, students can understand the steps involved in solving a question and finding answers. These videos are available for future reference and thus, become highly useful during exam days.

Conceptual Videos

Students need to understand the ‘why’s or crux of topics or subjects. Tutormine has numerous videos that narrate the concepts of subjects. Often, students can find the basic learnings behind topics and subjects which make them capable of understanding its concepts well. Conceptual videos are excellent self learning tool.


When students need a tutor to help them with their studies, Tutormine come handy with a number of eminent tutors.  Tutormine has a video conferencing solution which is used for offering one-to-one e-tuition for students.

Tutors are available at the convenience of students.  Personalised attention ensures that student’s learning difficulties are well understood and are helped accordingly.