Online Test Papers

Practise makes a man perfect!
Unless tested regularly, one will not realize the degree of his own learning levels.
As lessons are taught, students will be under the impression that they understood them well. Only after some time, when they face examinations, do they realize that what they could reproduce is much lower than what they thought they could.
Regular testing of knowledge levels are the answer to this wear and tear. Students need to undergo numerous tests before actually face their Board or University examinations.
Tutormine understands the value of this. There is a beautiful online examination tool provided with Tutormine.
As students take up tuition, their tutors fill up questions for online exams. Students are regularly put to examinations so as to ensure that they can reproduce what they have learned.
Online exams ensure instant results. Students can understand their learning levels and make corrective steps immediately.
Online examinations act as an excellent grade check for students and make them realize their actual learning level. And if they know their weakness, they will find ways to correct it.
Knowledge of one’s own weakness is his biggest strength.