How to Score Maximum Marks

The answer lies in the way Students learn.
In Classrooms, each time, students are introduced to new concepts. They merely hear those as they are exposed to them for the first time. They develop doubts only when they try to learn these concepts while at home. These are impulsive doubts and Students need support to clarify those doubts immediately.
Tuition is supposed to play the role of clarifying doubts.
Thus, new researches realize that classrooms should be the venue for doubt clearing where Students and Teachers interact and discuss about new concepts. When Students get to interact with Teachers and fellow Students, they clear their doubts and understand concepts and lessons well.
The four way learning methodology adopted in Tutormine enable students to prepare well for exams and score more marks.

Students have to attend to exams and quizzes in Tutormine. They can get their marks immediately and thereby understand their learning levels. Exams make Students realize how good they are at their studies. They realize how much more to work. All the questions will expose them to various possibilities that can come up in real examinations and answering these in advance will enable them to respond quickly to exam questions.
Once online tests are done, they can get answers explained in video format by experienced teachers. These videos guide them how to go step by step in solving questions. These videos are available on demand. Viewing narrative videos during exam time will certainly help students to recollect the classroom learning and thus perform well in exams.
Students love to watch videos. If concepts are played to them in the form of videos before they go to school, Students will get better idea about concepts. While listening in the classroom, the Student understands the concepts very well. On returning home, Student can log on to Tutormine and again watch the same videos provided by the Tutors. This is a perfect revision.

And here comes the bonus. Tutors in Tutormine offer interactive virtual classrooms. Student can log into the virtual classroom and attend to interactive LIVE classes. Here students discuss the concept with tutor and get to understand the concept even better. Tutors provide many more examples and dimensions. Tutors will give so many different types of questions and their solutions.

E-tutoring is ideal for each student to learn better. Since there is only one student in a classroom, teacher can understand the shortcomings of each student and suggest corrective measures.