Answer Videos

The marks scored in any examination depends on how well questions were answered. Often it is noticed that students who score less presented unimpressive answers. These are incomplete answers with missing narratives or steps etc.

Evaluators of answer papers expect students to explain answers in certain style, with proper reasonings, supportive facts, methods and steps. If these are not taken care of while writing exams, students tend to loose marks.

This happens because students are not exposed to quality answer papers. Students should be taught the right way of answering. Developing answering skill is one of the most essential requirement for students to score more marks.

Tutormine provide a solution for this shortcoming of students. Tutormine has numerous answer videos that explain how to answer questions in the best possible manner. Experienced teachers have made these answer papers which will help students to understand how should they attend examinations.

These answers are provided in video formats and hence students can watch them whenever they want. When students go through such videos many times, they develop skills in narrating answers in systematic manner.

How well students write their answers decide how well they score in exams.