Monthly Archives: October 2017

How to Score Maximum Marks

WHY DO STUDENTS NEED TUITION? WHY NOT THEY LEARN 100% IN CLASSROOMS? The answer lies in the way Students learn. In Classrooms, each time, students are introduced to new concepts. They merely hear those as they are exposed to them for the first time. They develop doubts only when they […]

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Online Test Papers

Practise makes a man perfect! Unless tested regularly, one will not realize the degree of his own learning levels. As lessons are taught, students will be under the impression that they understood them well. Only after some time, when they face examinations, do they realize that what they could reproduce […]

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Answer Videos

The marks scored in any examination depends on how well questions were answered. Often it is noticed that students who score less presented unimpressive answers. These are incomplete answers with missing narratives or steps etc. Evaluators of answer papers expect students to explain answers in certain style, with proper reasonings, […]

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Conceptual Videos

There are plenty of Concept educational videos uploaded in Tutormine. Concept videos are made available as part of Tutormine’s educational strategy of ‘4 Way Learning’. Tutors record lessons on topics in video format. Students are allowed to watch these videos prior to attending to the Live Interactive Classroom Sessions. Concept […]

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